The KOSELYA brand's story, is a story about life, passion and love of beautiful objects. Right after my children's birth, I wanted to create a brand that would be like them. A brand that they could wear proudly while growing into their own personality. Far away from conventions and norms, the aim was not to chose any longer between refinement, elegance and originality.

Driven by this mindset, I have chosen the most beautiful materials: superior quality cotons whoven in Italie and in France, mother of pearl butons from the most beautiful oceans from the South emisphere, aluminium collar stiffener delicately engraved with the brand's name,...

Griffe Koselya

I also decided to develop our products in France, where we can find the better know-how regarding luxury couture. Finally my designer Marie-Ange has drawn luxurious and sophisticated creations, in which we can find for instance high quality stitching that brings confort and discretion.

In all our creations, we recognize the yellow touch that makes the uniqueness of the brand universe. Just as the sun diffuses its warm and reassuring rays, yellow is the colour of life and movement but also the colour of gold, symbol of luxury and light.

When some are frozen in their times, we chose timelessness,

When some follow the beaten path, we choose our own path,

When some see the end of the trip, we see the begining of a new era,

When some see only a brand, we wanted to see much more: we want to promote a way of life, defend the expression of difference and bring a vision of elegance that is both personal and sophisticated. Are you ready to build and live the story with us?

Creator of KOSELYA